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Long-buried secrets,
personal tragedies and madness
spanning more than a century.
The Beast Inside is a twisted tale of fear,
paranoia and fate.
Discover shocking secrets of the past
that shape the future in the cruellest
way possible.

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Discover the secrets buried many years ago by playing both as Adam, a cold war
cryptanalyst working for the CIA, and Nicolas, a mysterious man from 19th century.
The Beast Inside is a FPP story driven game developed by The Illusion Ray studio
and published by MovieGames.
Long Story Short :
Adam, CIA cryptanalyst, leaves Boston and moves to the country with his wife, Emma. His handlers are afraid they won’t be able to keep him safe there, but Adam believes he needs a peaceful place in the woodland, to take a shot at military code and alter the course of the Cold War. As it turns out, this area is quite the opposite of a peaceful place... In the attic Adam finds the hidden diary of Nicolas which, once opened, carries the nightmares of the past right into the present, putting the lives of both Adam and Emma in a great danger. How come the mysteries from Civil War era seem to be connected to what is happening during the Cold War?
Who was Nicolas, the man who lived in that house more than a hundred years ago?


Illusion Ray Studio is a team of young, talented artists with many years of experience in both film and gaming industry, who previously worked for developers such as Platige Image, Fuero Games and Farm 51 and decided to start their own project. We believe that a well-balanced mix of gripping narrative, beautiful graphics and immersive gameplay is the key to the players’ hearts.
Our goal: 
We aim to create a game with very strong, twisted narrative, that will keep players on the edge. We’re all big fans of horror games and mindfuck movies, so while creating The Beast Inside we took inspiration from our personal favourites, such as: Resident Evil 7, P.T., Silent Hill, Amnesia and Firewatch. As for the movies, fans of the Shutter Island, Conjuring, Memento and Identity should feel at home playing The Beast Inside. We’ve also decided to include some interesting puzzles in the game, so be prepared to use your wits against codes, ciphers and to… outsmart enemies. 



Gameplay elements

  • Discovering complex semi-open world from first person perspective
  • Controlling two protagonists in two different time periods
  • Every item is fully interactive
  • Interacting with the environment and solving physics-based puzzles
  • Breaking and deciphering codes, looking for clues in old texts
  • Hiding and running from a wide range of entities
  • Or fighting with them, using a revolver and environmental advantages or your wits
  • Realistic graphics - achieved with the magic of UE4 engine and an extended use of photogrammetry techniques.


Adam - a young, talented cryptanalyst working for the CIA during the Cold War. His main task is breaking the codes used to encrypt russian messages. He’s under a lot of pressure, as the world conflict escalates and his boss claims they’re running out of time.
Nicolas - a mysterious man who lived in 19th century in the same house Adam and
his wife Emma moved into. He wrote an enigmatic diary, with a detailed description
of supernatural phenomena he’d encountered during his search for a missing father.
Consequences of his past decisions reach far into the future...


We’re a small but ambitious team, so we wanted our game to look as good as the best narrative-driven titles out there. Luckily, having access to the latest technological improvements in the field, we decided to take a shot at photogrammetry.
Photogrammetry basically means taking hundreds of photos of the object from many different angles to get photorealistic textures and models later used by our team graphics artists to create great looking assets in the game.
Thanks to this technology, we can have objects with much more specific details, just as in reality: old crow bar looks worn out and rusted, there are scratch marks on a chair, and floor looks like the actual people were walking over it for decades, because instead of trying to mimic reality, we can have all those real things in our game.